Quote of the Day on the Trinity

it is a portion of a sermon from Richard Bauckham given Trinity Sunday, 1996

But there’s something else to notice about that story of God’s love for the world. I can only tell that story by talking about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I’ve already done so. I couldn’t help it. When we see God’s love in action, we see not only God the Father who cares for us like a parent for his children. We also see God the Son, who loves us by coming alongside us as Jesus, as our human brother, one of us, living and dying for us. And we also see God the Holy Spirit, who comes into our very being, who loves us, as it were, from the inside. God the Father cares for us, nurtures us, watches over us, directs us in his love. God the Son is God in loving solidarity with us, God as Jesus, with us in our human world, giving himself for us in his human life and death. And God the Holy Spirit is God’s love in the depths of our  being, sharing God’s love with us so that we can love with God’s love. It is only because God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that God can love us in the way he does.  Only because God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that God can be caring, selfsacrificial, self-giving love.