Quote of the day: Craig S. Keener

from an interview back in 2008 here:

I had enrolled at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, and one of my teachers was Ben Aker. I heard some prosperity-teaching-oriented students complain that Ben Aker just cared about the Bible, whereas real people of faith ought to be able to see the sick healed. (I later learned that my professors’ rate of people being healed was comparable to that of the prosperity teachers.) So I was praying for Ben Aker that God would convict him, when suddenly the Holy Spirit convicted me instead. “I have given him the gift of teaching,” I felt the Lord say, “and you need to listen to him.” I signed up for three classes with Ben Aker the next semester. Things that God would teach me in prayer, I would hear from Ben Aker’s exegesis the next week in class. I realized that one could hear God exegetically as well as charismatically, and learned from Scripture that the Spirit is behind both ways.

Just appreciated that I was able to take a full year of 2 year Greek from Dr Aker and also a couple other classes on charismatic issues in theology (signs and wonders, and theology of the charismata). I regret not taking more classes with him.  To his students, his is our dearly beloved professor!


2 responses to “Quote of the day: Craig S. Keener

  1. Dr. Aker is the bomb. One of my biggest regrets in seminary is that not enough students wanted to take Romans in Greek with him so the class was canceled. Aargh!

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