Quote of the Day: Donald G. Bloesch

I believe in one church – the holy catholic and apostolic church, but this church must never be confined to any single historical institution.  The holy catholic church is the invisible church of true believers that crosses all denominational lines and even includes some who may not be formal members of any ecclesiastical body.  It excludes all, however, who are not truly committed to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, even of some of these might be active church participants.  While not identical with any particular faith body, the holy catholic church is more manifest in some communions than others.  It may indeed be only dimly reflected in churches that elevate their own programs [and doctrinal emphasis?] over the gospel, that seek glory for themselves rather than glory to God alone (soli Deo gloria).  The holy catholic church is the kingdom of God, which is hidden in both church and world but is actively at work in history, seeking to bring all things to completion in Jesus Christ.

Donald G. Bloesch, Holy Scripture: Revelation, Inspiration & Interpretation (Christian Foundations) (IVP, 1994), 15.


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