and the winner is….?

Yours Truly!! (randomly out of some 215 entries!!) woot woot!!

Darrell Bock’s A Theology of Luke Acts (Zondervan 2012)!!

Awesome!!  Thanks to God he is helping me rebuild my library however so slowly and that with some good books!



3 responses to “and the winner is….?

  1. Congratulations! I’ve won 3 books and a ChristianAudio GC myself this spring. Every little bit helps for a seminarian.

  2. Congratulations!

    I haven’t spent much time with your blog, so maybe you already do this, but have you considered using free review copies to build up your library? It basically amounts to contacting the right person at a publisher, requesting a book for review, then writing and posting a review of that book… everyone wins: the publisher gets a free review/publicity, and you get a free book.

    Feel free to get back in touch with me if you’d like more details… I’ve been doing reviews like this on my blog, and will be doing more in coming weeks and months. (

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