what kind of church?

doing a flurry of post from the past when I was still at AGTS.  This was one was posted Dec 6, 2005:

Okay, so I was with some friends Sunday night and they talked about their vision for family ministry (they are recent aGts grads)  I was connecting with them and understanding everything fine, then the word “postmodern” came up.  They would like to be in a postmodern church.  I thought to myself hmmm…because another friend I have also wants to minister in a so-called “postmodern” church as well.

That’s cool. So, just what is a “postmodern” church?  Since nobody can even really define what “postmodern” is, which may be fitting with some of the values of the concept, how do we know what “it” is?  What would it look like?  How would it function in a given setting, say, rural areas?

Also, since the new wave seems to be a so-called “hyper-modernism” why would anyone want to be postmodern anymore (whatever that is)?

Why can’t we just be the church, the people of God as he has called us to be?  Willing and able to function in any setting in which he places us?  Why label it?  Whatever “it” is?


One response to “what kind of church?

  1. I am not sure why any Christian would want to be “postmodern?” Unless they have a really great definition for this; postmodernism is a philosophy that has no absolutes. A postmodernist changes things by redefining them so that it means what they want it to. May I suggest reading Postmodern Times – A Christian Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture by Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

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