on doing doctoral work in ministry or the Bible

rant begins here:

it isn’t to make someone smart or to help them feel smarter.  people don’t usually do that kind of rigorous, labor intensive, life in alienation for extended periods of time kind of work to become smarter.

they do it to further equip themselves for the work to which God has called them.  many positions and kinds of ministries some folks want to do are not available to them without certain levels of education and training plain and simple.

many who do this work don’t even go into it because they are smart, but because they know it is what has to be done to get to where they want to be – for a lot of folks, it takes some guts and fortitude to pursue doctoral work.

Too, good grades aren’t always because of “smarts” but because of doing the reading and the work and following the directions of the syllubus.  If all you do is that, put forth what the professor has asked to be done, it can be hard not to get a decent grade.

okay, rant ends here:  be blessed.


2 responses to “on doing doctoral work in ministry or the Bible

  1. I’ve often said that it takes less intelligence and more stick-to-it-ness (in my case stubborness) to do advanced schooling. God has called…and I won’t quit.

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