Never heard of it before?  Neither have I.  Consider this from Donald G. Bloesch’s The Last Things: Resurrection, Judgment, Glory (IVP).  After discussing Premillennialism, Dispensationalism, Amillennialism, Postmillennialsim, Idealist-symbolic views and Moltmann, in his usual style, he lets us know what he thinks at the end where he summaries and presents a section called ‘Toward a new understanding of the millennium” where he says in part:  (stick with me):

I propose a realizing or unfolding millennium.  The millennium is the kingdom of Christ that is now hidden in the crises and turmoils of history.  It is a kingdom that is ever advancing but always meeting with renewed opposition by the principalities and powers that still wreak havoc in the world….

The millennium belongs to both history and superhistory.  Its goal is a transfigured earth, an earth transformed by the light of the Word of God.  The fulfillment of the millennium will be realized in the second coming of Christ.  Its inauguration has already occurred at his first coming.  Now we have the millennium in its preliminary phase; then we shall see it in its manifest or consummate stage… the millennial kingdom is not yet the eternal kingdom… then… it will become the kingdom of God in its fulfillment….

After sharing what he appreciates about dispys and premills (that they are futuristic though opposing a strictly futurist view and the promise of a transformed world), he then says the following:

What I am presenting might be labeled a historical-symbolic view.  It must not be confounded with the idealistic position.  The symbols of apocalyptic eschatology refer not to timeless truths but to the penetration of the kingdom of God within history.  This view can also be described as transmillennial, for the millennium points beyond itself to the new heaven and the new earth, which constitutes the fulfillment of the millennium.

I say the way he presents it is quite an interesting way to put it.  I am wondering what others might think of this view as presented by Bloesch?

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