Quote of the Day: Harvey Cox

‎There was a time when Pentecostals warned themselves and anyone else who would listen not to become entangled and dependent on the ‘things of the world’. Pentecostals were suspicious of the passing fads of stylish clothing, the latest hair-do, glitzy new consumer products. They were also—as it turns out rightly—suspicious that the powerful new mass media could be a seductive lure, tricking people into the empty values of the consumer market culture. Perhaps it is time for a rebirth of that ethic of simplicity, that suspicion of ‘the things of this world’, for which the early Pentecostals were so famous.

Harvey Cox The Globalization of Pentecostalism (394).

Whew!  Boy it is ever VERY different today!!  Shows how much too we have move away from our early teachings on holiness and sanctification.


3 responses to “Quote of the Day: Harvey Cox

  1. That begs the question as to “What” is real holiness and sanctification and what does it mean to live in the world and not of it.

    For instance the church in America was initially offered the rights to TV,broadcasting but turned it down as being of the evil one… (simplistic generalised sweep ) 😉 However, perhaps we missed a great opportunity to actually bring redemption through it.

  2. Great quote by Harvey. He was a delight to hear speak two years ago in Memphis as SPS (and I ran into him in the hot tub at my hotel later). While I do not wish for a return to the legalism of former days, I long for a genuine practice of holiness which seems all to lacking in the contemporary forms of Pentecostalism in the west.

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