Heaven Quote of the Day

is given here.  which is:

But we DO need to ask some very tough questions of ourselves. Maybe if we weren’t so consumed with the question of who is “in” and who is “out” we might find a tougher question to ask, but one that is more relevant. Maybe we need to ask how God is going to redeem and renew his creation through us? Maybe if we ask THAT question, we’ll find we have something to actually do in our lives. The destination may not be the point. God transforming life may be the point. This seems to be what “____”  is aiming us at in this discussion.

Well, sometimes the problem one can encounter in writings one can tend to disagree alot more than one agrees with, is instances where the obvious is so well stated that it is a hidden strawman.   Who, among those who are looking forward to being “in heaven” with our Triune God,[1] would disagree with the fact that in our journey to eternity, “God transforming life” takes place along the way?

It is not that the point isn’t well taken, it is just that it seems maybe it is a bit overstating the obvious?  I mean, I know there are groups of Christians who tend to be “so heavenly minded they ain’t no earthly good,” such that they seem to be ignorant of or just not thinking about the fact that the journey to “heaven” involves a rare practice called “discipleship” and “tranformation” or “spiritual formation.”   I understand that and I suppose perhaps the scholar in reference is just working to that end, to remind folks of the transformative process of the Christian life….

well, anways, my offer in the comments over there still stands!  🙂


[1] note that in many instances the word Heaven in the Bible are often euphemisms for God so that “Heaven” and God are basically the same thing.  To “go to heaven” is to be with God, etc.

3 responses to “Heaven Quote of the Day

  1. Well that IS the end to which he seems to be working. The point taken at that particular section of the book was about how we evangelize sometimes. Sometimes we ask about where people are going ultimately and don’t prepare them for life now.

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