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Faith Improvised

With the number of theological schools in the Southwest and especially in Southern California, the Los Angeles Theology Conference seems like something that should have been going on for some time already.

The first of several planned conferences is focused on Christology, and it boasts an impressive lineup.

Check out the press release from Zondervan, and if you attend, plan to grab an In-N-Out burger and some fish tacos from Rubio’s.

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He moved!!

Hello all! We have new WordPress convert!! Rick is a good guy, a good small church pastor and strong biblical exegete! Add him to your blogroll and or RSS feeds! Good job Rick!

W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms

No, I haven’t moved away from Karlstad, MN, but I have moved my blog from to (apparently the plain old “wadholm” link was already reserved for someone else) .  WordPress offers a far more user-friendly interface for both bloggers and commenters.  As I already blog at two other wordpress blogs, I figured this was the logical move (thanks Brian Fulthorp for the push to just make the move 🙂 ).  So don’t forget to change your RSS and email feeds to my new location…or not (if you are done following my blogging adventures and you want your chance for a clean break).

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