Jesus is Strong!

Quote of the Day from my friend Luke:

So, I want to say something here, and I’ll confess I don’t find it easy, because I am concerned it will come across as trivial, but I’ll say it anyway, assuming there’s a chance that one or two readers may be in the frame of mind to grasp the depth of my sincerity. I have a prayer in my blood, even now; I pray that the spirit and movement behind my words will stretch beyond this keyboard, cut across cyberspace and reach at least a few who are worried about our country. I think you need to be reminded that Jesus is strong. Things are getting bad, yes, and they will continue to get worse. Jesus is strong. People in Washington on both sides are corrupt, doing corrupt things. Jesus is strong. Millions are suffering because unemployment is rocketing and healthcare is a mess. Jesus is strong. It is the nature of organizations, even vast and mighty ones like the United States, that they will go to pieces over time because they are run by flawed, often contentious human beings. And times like these may become our greatest, because more of us will learn to stop clinging to the pipe dreams of mere men and cling to the Savior who gives His life to us all.