some really great thoughts here for those in seminary!

Faith Improvised

We had an interesting discussion in class yesterday about the challenges of enduring church life while in seminary.  My students are a joyful bunch who love Jesus and his people, but they reflected honestly on the difficulty of dealing with the disconnects between what they study in class and what they observe in church. It is soul-upsetting to critically reflect on Christian realities in classes and then to participate in less-than-ideal Christian practices on Sundays.

This led me to reflect a bit on my own struggles to maintain a proper posture toward the church while inhabiting an environment of critical biblical and theological reflection.

Unfortunately, a seminary education can sometimes (though not always) produce a phenomenon we might call “the seminoid.”

I should know.  I was one.

(NOTE: Friends and family are NOT welcome to share stories in the comments below!)

The seminoid has a superior attitude toward “the laity,”…

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