The Trinity in Gender Debates

I admit I got sucked in to the whole idea of social trinitarianism – it sounds nice but I guess I may need to re-think it all.

Fred Sanders has finally let his thoughts about it all be known – he doesn’t think talk about the Trinity and Gender relations or Community relations should happen in the same conversation.  One belongs to the doctrine of God and the others are more suited to discussions in theological anthropology.

(This is me Brian talking here) It seems once and yet again it is all a possible case of “pulling the God card.”  God becomes a victim of humanity.  He gets used to help us all push our human agendas to exert authority over one another or to usurp from one another.  Shame on us I suppose.  Good thing the Lord isn’t subject to our attempts to wrangle him into our nice little boxes…

Go here to read the full LONG blog post on what Dr Sanders has to say about the Trinity and Gender Debates.


3 responses to “The Trinity in Gender Debates

      • HAHA! Yeah, I had both of your posts open in my browser and thought I was writing on your one about Acts. 🙂 My bad. I agree though that we tend to just reaffirm our own preconceived notions of male/female relations and read this onto the Godhead. That’s just plain bad theologizing.

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