This is really great stuff about going from the Seminary (or even Bible college) classroom to the pulpit. I most appreciated points 4 & 5 as so many of us as Bible college or Seminary graduates need to take all that we learn and not toss it, but translate it into everyday life-changing transformation language – people need personal and deep level transformation, not just a bunch of information. This does not mean information is not good or useful, it just means you need to sift through the information and then communicate it in a way that promotes life change and transformation! That is effective pastoral ministry, even leadership. Thanks Tim for another great post. 🙂

Faith Improvised

Provoked by some great class discussions, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between seminary training and practical ministry.  How does a person make the most of her/his seminary training and truly bless the church?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the “seminoid” phenomenon.  I stole the term from a former pastor who playfully used it of the seminary interns in need of overcoming the condition.

So, how does one move from seminary training to being useful in ministry?  There may be more to come on this, but for now, a few thoughts:

(1) Put “the ideal church” out of your mind.  It doesn’t exist.  You talked about it in the classroom, but it doesn’t exist in the real world.  Goodness, it didn’t even exist in the New Testament!  The Book of Acts displays a church struggling to figure things out and most of the NT letters are…

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