Happy New Year! 2013

Hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

I wanted to share a FB post from Frank Macchia (I hope he won’t mind):

Okay, I couldn’t resist. My seven words of wisdom for the new year:

1) Doing your best varies from circumstance to circumstance, so learn to celebrate small successes.
2) Failures reveal something about you but will kill you if you cling to them, so throw them away once they’ve divulged their hidden treasures.
3) Generosity is the most underrated and neglected joy in life; hoarding the most overrated pleasure.
4) What you say to someone is often filtered through that person’s past experience, so a hostile response rarely has much to do with you.
5) Take each task on your plate every day as an opportunity to show gratitude for all that you’ve received so freely. The daily grind will flow much more smoothly.
6) Resting, dreaming, enjoying, and contemplating is not a waste of time if you value your creativity. Resist the tyranny of production.
7) Put to death in you that which cannot be improved in your goal of following Christ. Real change depends on this.

I think these are wise words and well worth your consideration!

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