Book Review: Your Deepest Dream

deepest dreamIt is with thanks to the author and my former seminary Dean, now President of Northwest University in Kirkland Washington, Joe Castleberry for a  review copy of his book, Your Deepest Dream: Discovering God’s True Vision for Your Life (NavPress 2012).

Current trends show that as much as 83% of Americas live lives and work jobs they do not like and do not find fulfulling.   For a variety of reasons, many folks are not living out their deep dreams, if they even know what it is.   And maybe that is where the mix up is.  Many of us tend to think life is all about us and fulfilling our dreams.   The back cover tells us, “Life isn’t about fulfilling your dreams – it’s about discovering the dream that will fulfill you.”

Do you have a dream?  Do you know what that dream is?  Are you able to express it, see it, have an idea what it might look like?   Have you discovered what it is?  If you know what it is, are you in pursuit of it?   This book is about you.  It is about you and you discovering your deepest dream, whatever that is.  I can hear some people saying, its not about me, it’s about God.  Stop right now.  That’s not what this is about.  You can have a dream and being in process of discovering it and living it out and still be in full pursuit of God – because really, that is what your deepest dream is, to be in pursuit of God, following hard after him in whatever way you can.  It is okay to dream.  It is okay to have a dream and live in pursuit of it.  We all have one, deep down inside of us.  One of us has a dream that either we are in process of discovering or re-discovering.

How do you discover your deep dream?  You need to know yourself, you need to know God (its the deepest desire of us all)(this is where Dr. Joe gets into the heart of the gospel message and calls us all to repentance in him – this is not at all a “Your Best Life Now” kind of book), embrace your destiny (we all have one), be a leader (we all are in our own way), serve others, live a life of integrity (this is the most important part), be humble (connected to knowing yourself and knowing God), be tenacious (have what some call “sticktoitiveness,”), stay forgiving (this is the next most important thing), keep that chin up and stay positive.  Be shrewd.  “God has placed that dream deep within you.  It’s so much more than earthly aspirations and includes a strong moral center, experiencing a vital relationship with God, and living a rich, satisfying life with godly character.”  (again from the back cover).

Are you unsure of what your deep dream is, or how to come about realizing what it is?  Reading this book will help set you on the path to discovering or even re-discovering your deepest dream.

It is a good and even challenging read!  I know I needed it, and I know others do too.  If you or someone you know needs it, don’t hesitate, be sure they get this book.