Quote of the day on Evangelism

“Every person has an eternal soul and deserves a clear presentation of the gospel.” Most pastors would affirm that statement. Some hold it as a core value. We agree that evangelism needs to be a priority. But we are often too busy or too involved with our own families, friends, occupations, and church activities to pay much attention to those outside the church.

Ouch!  You can read more here!

2 responses to “Quote of the day on Evangelism

  1. I personally chafe at the language of “eternal soul”. Sorry. For me it draws pictures of the disembodied notions of Greek afterlife and not the Biblical worldview of the resurrection of the dead (some to life everlasting and others to eternal torment). I agree in principle with the point of the article, but I always seem to trip over such disembodied language.

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