5 year WP blogging anniversary!

sorry to be posting this so late in the day but this was on my dashboard!


Happy Anniversary!
You registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Wow!  It’s hard to believe I have been “blogging” with wordpress the last five years.  My journey in blogging started with the Xanga blog format (I think in 2005 maybe?) then I went to blogger, and, well 5 years ago I switched over to WordPress, I think because of interacting with Nick.

I have to admit I know I have grown a lot through blogging.  It has developed in me a skill for writing I didn’t know I had and it has helped me develop it better.  But I have learned to interact with other bloggers and so have made good friends, even have met a few of you all.  It’s been good fellowship and i have a strong sense of camaraderie with not a few of my fellow bloggers.  We’re a good bunch we are!  🙂  And I really appreciate that you all have stuck with me through my many trials and difficult times I and my family have been through.  It’s been a long hard road and honestly, it’s been this blog and blogging in general that has kept me.  Well, sure the Lord has been our strength but often we experience that strength from the Lord in and through community and koinonia with one another.  So, Thank you all for your readership and prayers and support!  You are deeply appreciated!


Fuller has a new President

being a fuller alum (somewhat) myself, (took my first year of seminary classes at the Fuller NW campus before following the Lord to AGTS) – I am glad to see they did well in selecting a new President (out of some 250 nominations):

Fuller Seminary Picks New President: http://t.co/WWEqOWgdcm

Here is part of the Official Press Release:

Labberton_MarkFuller Seminary Announces Mark Labberton as Its New President

The Fuller Theological Seminary Board of Trustees has announced that Dr. Mark Labberton has accepted the call to serve as the seminary’s fifth president, beginning July 1, 2013. Labberton has served at Fuller Seminary since 2009 as the Lloyd John Ogilvie Associate Professor of Preaching, and director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching.

Here are some good articles he has written recently:

The Lima Bean Gospel via @CTMagazine http://t.co/3hf9MYBCjH

Better Ways to Deliver God’s Word via @CTMagazinehttp://t.co/MRBjTazQYL

The Hole In Our Holiness Goes Even Deeper via @CTMagazinehttp://t.co/4PoYkb6Vkr