Help a Brother Out??

I am part of the WTS blogger program and they are about to make huge changes real soon.

I got the following note from them today:

Dear Brian,

Please find below your report for March 2013:

March 2013 Referrals: 21
Roll-Over Referrals: 433
Total Balance: 454

At 500, they give the certificate.  Unlike my more prodigious bloggers who get WTS certificates every time they come out, mine has been a LONG TIME in coming!

Sooo, I was wondering if you all would mind helping me out?  I just need, it looks like 50 more clicks on this LINK right here or on the following which are some books I am thinking of getting because of your graciousness (favor) towards me in helping me out:

David Peterson’s Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship.

Craig Keener’s two volume commentary on The Gospel of John.

Ramsey Michael’s commentary on The Gospel of John in the NICNT set.

Richard Bauckham’s The Bible and Mission: Christian Witness in a Postmodern World.

To name a few.

So, could you help a brother out?  🙂  50 clicks is all I need, I think.

Awesome!  Thanks so much in advance!  Blessings,

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