on avenues for minsitry

The Washington Post has an article up on Seminary graduates and how they are not always ministering from the Pulipt – I think it is a great article!

You see I am a bit of a seminary heretic.

I do not think getting a seminary degree necessarily means you “have” to go into “the ministry.”  You can, and many do, and I think that’s great!  It’s what I want to do, what I have been doing.  But I am perfectly fine with someone going to seminary, getting an MA or MDiv and then carrying on with their lives – or pursuing other professional or non professional careers – teachers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers, business owners, council members, city officials, you name it.

Ministry isn’t nor should it be limited to inside the four walls of the church building –

After all we are called to “go into all the world.”   Who says that is just in terms of church or missionary work?   That’s a narrow and limited view of things and not everyone is called to work in a local church context anyways – many are gifted by the Lord to be quite effective, if not more effective for the Lord and for the Kingdom out “in the world” instead of in a local church context.

Each is called to different things but ALL are called to be witnesses to Jesus in the places where they live – I think that is the primary mission of the Christian and of the Church – the body of Christ – that of being witnesses (cf., Acts 1:8).

The world is in desperate need of Christians who live faithfully unto the Lord and it is needs Christians who are theologically grounded and rooted in the Scriptures who are not afraid to think critically and theologically about the world around them and the issues people face and live out on a day to day basis.

The question is, what is it you want to do and how can you go about doing that well and in glory to God?


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