We’re moving

Assembly of PraiseAs many of you well know, Debbie and I used to co-pastor in the Grand Canyon National Park and in the season of Easter 2011, we had to leave the ministry there due to health problems that we were incurring.  Leaving was for the health and safety our two children (and for us as well).  In the three years since we left the Canyon, we went into a time of homelessness, joblessness, and much emotional, physical and relational turmoil – to put it plainly, we were in a wilderness situation from Easter 2011 until just recently, where Debbie has accepted a position as an associate pastor/daycare director at a small little rural church in Columbia, North Carolina.

So… July 22nd, we’re moving to Columbia, North Carolina!

This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re totally out of the dark yet but it is a good move and in a good direction.  It will put us in a place were we can begin to move forward with our lives (break out of being and feeling stuck).  Its been a tremendous act of the grace and mercy of the Lord and huge answer to prayer.

I know many of you have prayed for us and with us over these last few years – we deeply appreciate that!  It has meant so much to us.  Obviously we all need to keep praying with and for each other as it isn’t over yet!  lol

also for reference, we’ll be not too far from here.  🙂


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