Well, we are here!  We now live in East North Carolina!  And it has been a tremendous blessing, even mostly overwhelming.   The hospitality folks have shown us both at the church and in the community where we live has been nearly overwhelming too.  Our home is close to the water (Bulls Bay), and by close I mean not 50 yards away…  I have a job interview on Wednesday and Debbie has already started on as the new associate at the church we came to serve as well as having begun leading the church’s daycare (which is the primary reason we moved to North Carolina from Arizona).

I have really missed blogging regularly and which I wish I could say I will. be getting back to but it could take me some time to get back into the swing of things.  Sadly, facebook has become my primary distraction and I get way too involved.in the conversations there.  Really, it’s a problem and I know I am not the only one whose life, even spiritual life has become derailed or very distracted by this form of media called facebook.  Well, for me anyhow.  I know many would say they have grown spiritually because of the various theology pages on “fb” as it is called.  I nee  to be careful here.  I have formed and developed some very good friendships through facebook and I treasure them.  I guess I am just needing to be sure I don’t let it derail my spiritual life in regards to prayer and Bible reading, spiritual disciplines and such.

I think what had happened was I was in a lot of emotional pain and it had been building up over the last year to where the months preceding our learning about possibilities here in North Carolina, there were times I was in near total emotional anguish (and maybe instead of turning to the Lord in prayer I was using Facebook as a kind of distraction from the pain).  Why? Because I was really hurting.  What was I hurting about?  Well, mostly that I was having so much trouble getting work I either wanted to do or would like to do.  In fact, it became bad enough that I no longer knew what was going on or what I wanted to do since nothing else had worked out.  I began to be convinced I was literally unemployable.  That despite all my education I literally could not be hired.

I have a Special Ed degree but am not certified so getting a full time teaching job was out and I was limited to subbing, which I had been doing for the last 9 years and was burned out to the point I didn’t want to pursue teaching anymore even though when I looked into it I would have to do nearly 45 credit hours to be eligible to student teach so I could get certified.  It was overwhelming to think about and lead to more anguish.

I also have an MDiv which most of the time overqualifies one to pastor most Assemblies of God churches or makes you the odd ball out.  Getting a good pastoral position in an AG church is often highly dependent on the eight relationships such that if one is not well connected or good at networking and relationship building it would be more of a challenge.  Yet, even so, it’s the same with teaching.  Without the right relationships or connections you can’t teach with an MDiv or even an MA.  Even though the same is true with the PhD, having that is the minimum in most cases. So you can see why I began to think, “you know what?  I can’t be hired!”  lol.  More anguish.

We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works!  We were made to work.  Not working for most people, men and women, is a hard thing to deal with and I was having trouble with it.  A lot of trouble.  Well, truth be told, income has a lot to do it as well.  While I was struggling to get work, Debbie had a good job but they pay wasn’t too great so we really struggled financially too and that.really contributed to the pain and frustration of it all (not to mention she was/is also working on her DMin in Leadership from AGTS).

But God was faithful and he saw us through and has brought us to a place where we can heal and be renewed and have a sense of place even a renewed sense of direction for a season.  We are grateful for his provision and directions and also for all your prayer support for us through it all.


7 responses to “update

  1. Thank you for this. I feel your pain as I too have found it very hard to get a job after leaving full time Christian work. It seems no easier in the USA than in the UK, unless I want to work at Walmart or a fast food restaurant. The way I am working through it, with my wife, is to start a business.

    I am also in a similar position to you with Facebook as well as a move (even further than yours, but it didn’t take so long) distracting me from blogging. But I don’t think Facebook has been too much of an issue with my spiritual life. I strictly avoid online games, and I subscribe to several Christian pages which mostly, if not always, inspire me. I know I need to be careful, but in most ways I do find Facebook beneficial.

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