QOTD: on disabilities and healing

Mike Ivaska writes:

As Pentecostal Christians, we believe that God heals.  But we also know that our God is a mysterious God, a wise God, who does not jump when we say “jump!”  Sometimes God does not heal.  Sometimes he has other plans.  When it comes to persons with disabilities, perhaps what God wants to do is not heal them but heal us.  If healing is a sign of the coming kingdom, so is a welcoming and loving community.  It may even surprise many of us without disabilities (yet!) that many people with disabilities do not desire to be cured of their disability.  They like who they are, and see no reason to be someone else.  But if they enter our churches, and all we focus on is their disability and keep trying to “heal” them, we miss out on the most radical dimension of Jesus ministry: love.  Jesus’ love took people who were not a community and made them a community.  He took outsiders and made them insiders.  He took sinners and made them saints.

Perhaps what Jesus wants to do is not heal our neighbors’ disabilities (yet).  Perhaps he wants to heal our sinful hearts that struggle to accept people not like us and welcome them in his name.

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One response to “QOTD: on disabilities and healing

  1. Hi. I really appreciated you posting this. It is a good reminder for me and I will reflect on this more as I take a pastoral care course this fall. On a side-note, my volunteer work in a hospital palliative unit has also helped me to understand your very well-said points. In this setting, these patients are not going (or are very unlikely) to receive physical healing in their remaining days/weeks on this planet. So my time with them is all about being present with them in that moment, seeing their beauty, dignity, and worth, and giving thanks to God for the time I get to visit with them. My prayers then turn to God, asking Him be with them, to comfort and love them in their final days, and to welcome them home with his loving arms. I look forward to reading more articles from you. Blessings, Jaye

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