on Syria

the situation in Syria is very very serious.  We all need to be praying for the people there, and for the leadership and for God to intervene.

here is an article that is an interview with a syrian believer – its a pretty good read and will help in praying for them.

Here are a couple portions:

What do you see God doing in spite of all the persecution and what’s being reported?

We are now experiencing that this is the best spiritual time for Syria and other countries, like Egypt, because as much as their suffering is great, they are growing. We experience how refugees run away from their places because of the bombing from the government. They came to Damascus and to the churches, and they came to find the truth of the real God.

The believers there see the suffering as a blessing!  FUnny how we in the US whine so much over the tiniest bit of suffering – the believers in Syria face massive amounts of suffering and they see it as a blessing – they see God working through the situation!  wow!

Many of the Muslim families came to our church, and now our church has 2,000 families of refugees. They told us, “We don’t know if this is the real Islam.” We said, “Yes, this is Islam. This is what they teach in Quran.” They said, “We don’t want to follow Muhammad anymore. We don’t want Islam. We want to know the real God.” So we give them New Testaments, and we follow up with them, have meetings, preach the gospel, and then we give them food. Thank God, we saw how He is moving among those families that before we couldn’t reach because they don’t even know there are Christians in this country. They are covered; it’s very hard. So we thank God, because everything happens because of His goodness.

They are blessed and we are blind:

We need your prayers. We are blessed by this suffering, and we are aimed at winning. What’s happened in America? We are really worried. The Christians, the believers there, are sleeping. They don’t know anything about suffering in other countries. They are blind.

Yes, yes we are.




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