Quote of the Day: Peter Kreeft

from his book Jesus Shock:








I haven’t actually read this book.  but I think its a pretty good quote.   We are creatures of comfort – we like to get into set routines and patterns of living.  We like to be comfortable.  Anytime there is discomfort we like to alleviate that as soon as we can.   We don’t like the wild-ness of things too much. Anytime the feathers are ruffled there’s a lot of squacking (?) until of course, things calm down.   But the truth is, we need this aspect of Jesus in our lives.  We need him to come into the inner recesses of our hearts and shake things up – often.  We need help to not get settled because when we get settled we stop growing and changing and being renewed, even transformed in our inner hearts and lives.   JEsus come shock us again, keep us stirred.  Don’t let us get settled.  Amen.






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