Book Sale: Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies

Don Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies is on a Kindle for $3.03!

While it is BADLY in need of updating – it simply a must have if you are one who teaches the Bible in any context.  Its a very good and valuable book but really wish Dr. Carson would update it.  If you are someone in the know and who can influence him, can you talk to him about it?   We all need to see his response to Walt Kaiser’s correction of one of the fallacies.  I am not sure which book it is in, maybe Toward an Exegetical Theology?  But its a good correction and warrants a response.  🙂

What is it about?  it covers word study fallacies; grammatical fallacies; logical fallacies and finally presuppositional and historical fallacies.  Basically, it covers all the bases.


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