Work as Worship

Our work is a form of worship.

I don’t really have the energy for a solid exegesis on a theology of work – i just wanted to share some things.  I recently have been working at a local vineyard here where we live now (right now the focus is trimming the vines for the new harvest) – so I spend my days out in the middle of a bunch of vines by myself usually – there are other workers (all migrant workers) but its all spread out and for a while I’ve been working in a section where I have been all my myself.  Lately, its been really cold too so that has been a challenge – keeping the focus while working in 30 and 4o degree temps and keeping a good pace as we do have a set number of vines we need to get done each day – preferrably 40+ a day.

Being out in the vineyard trimming vines, you do have to be focused (there is a particular way to do the trimming, its not random) so it can feel a bit “mindless” so to speak but I’ve been working to discipline myself to have plenty of time to think while working – and being in introvert, thinking a lot is how I process things (thinking can be good and bad for me, lol).  While its been good to be out there – again the cold has been really challenging and leaves me feeling very tired at the end of the day – I am not the kind of introvert that necessarily thrives on being alone for overly long periods of time necessarily.

So I was thinking about work today.  Its what we are made to do.  Well, we were made to love God and to glorify him, but among other things,  we were made to work.  As I like to say, when God put Adam in the garden, what did he tell him to do?  Yup – “Get to work!”  lol.   Even more, we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good work(s).  Whatever we do, we need to do it all in the name of the Lord and in an effort to glorify him.

Here’s how I think about work, my theology of work so to speak – I think we are each called to do the best possible work we can in what ever kind of work we are doing – no sloppy work allowed.  I think in doing the best work we can, we glorify God and we bless our employers and whoever it is we are “working” for, i.e., customers, etc.  God and people and even we ourselves deserve our best work – all the time, every time.  I think too, if we are the workers and not the boss – we should be the best worker our boss has.  If we are the boss, we should be the best boss our workers have.  If we are the owners, etc, whatever our role in the work we do – we are called to put forth our best work every time. Every day.

I think its part of our witness to God and Christ in this world – to not just be be hard workers, but good workers and to do good work.   Anything short of that is not right in my estimation.

If you ask me, too many Christians out there are bad workers – they complain too much, are always showing up late, leaving early and do sloppy work – they ask for time off and are not always trustworthy workers – and yet expect to be able to witness on the job and wonder why they just end up getting laughed at or scolded or even fired or let go – they have ruined their witness through their poor work.  This is, in my opinion.   One of the best ways to be a witness to and for Christ in a work environment is first and foremost to DO good work and BE a good worker – let the good work be the pathway to effective witness.   In other words, I think your good work, will back up your good words!    If you know you are not a good worker, keep your mouth shut!  lol  Turn to God in repentance and become a good worker who does good work!  Then, tf and when people see your good work(s) they may praise God in heaven and be open to hearing your good words!

Our work is a form of worship.

When we work – we do it as worship unto God – and God is worthy of all our worship!  We need to remember that ultimately God is our boss – he alone is the one we are responsible and accountable to.  If or when we do sloppy work – he’ll probably want an explanation.  lol.  Now, I know we all get tired, that is what rest is for.  If we find we are tired and doing poor work maybe we need to think about how we are utilizing our times of rest?  Do we truly rest or are we always “working” so to speak?   But I think in general, there should not be any excuses for sloppy work insofar as we are able.  God, our bosses, our workers, even we ourselves, deserve our best and nothing less.

When you go to work, when you do your work – remember – it is WORSHIP unto God!  Do it well!  Don’t just be a hard worker or work hard, do good work.  🙂



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