on the Pericope Adulterae at SEBTS

i had the pleasure of making the last portion of the symposium and meeting Jacob (and having lunch with him! – good pizza!) and Dave Black as well as Nigusse, and Henry Nufeld. Personally, I enjoyed talking with Dr Knust and Wasserman. The other speakers either had to leave to catch flights home or were talking with others. All were great people!


BmGeLLcIcAA6Ld1 Well, the PA conference is over now. It was a rather unique experience for me. This was the first time I’ve ever live blogged. Added to that, I was tweeting, taking pictures, and manning the mic for the Q&A sessions. I think that I can say that I learned how to multi-task. Now I just need to learn to live blog without making any typos…

Now to the true nature of the post…

In the individual posts on the presenters’ papers I got into some of the details but failed to provide you with the general positions of the presenters. The main two questions of the conference were: is the PA original and should the PA be preached. In this post, I intend to provide a summary of each panelists views.

Dr. Punch: Dr. Punch argued on the basis of the context, syntax/grammar, and the patristic evidence (Augustine’s contention…

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