on women in ministry

wanted to share this blog article by Tim Ayers of Grace Church in Southern Pines, NC on their approach to women in leadership.  Personally, I think its well done and shouldn’t be ignored…

Here is their conclusion:

Our task as a church is to heal the broken places that resulted from the fall and show the world God’s intentions.

One of these broken places is the equity and dignity between men and women.

Our task is to be the best of citizens; it is a part of the Christian world view that leads to equality of all individuals… and to the opportunity to fulfill God’s call on our lives. The secular culture has it right when it comes to opportunity. Christianity’s reticence comes from not doing the harder work of holistic exegesis on the few passages that have consistently determined our stances. This is not a slippery slope; it is getting in line with God’s initial design and standing against the power structures of sexism. The issue, as I see it in 1Timothy is competence and character… just as it should be for men. Eldership needs to be carefully defined; teachers need to be properly vetted. But according to Paul race, class, and gender are not to be issues.


HT: Alaine Buchannan


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