We’ve moved

So we made the move and are the Greenville, NC area.  We’re also internet-less for a time due to canceling in one place and setting up internet at the new place.  It’s a nice reprieve but I do miss reading the blogs and following along.  Again, I will be a resident chaplain at the Vidant Medical Center over the next year, so that begins Aug 25.  It will be for sure a challenging time and prayers will be appreciated.

Also so a few thoughts on moving

1) I am not a fan. :-).

2) it’s expensive.

3) it’s hard work.

4) it’s hard on the kids.

5) it’s hard on us too.

6)Did I mention I am not a fan?

While ultimately we go and do what the Lord says to do and go,  it ‘s also our heartfelt prayer that the. Lord will lead us to that PLACE where moving will be a thing of huge past if. You understand what I mean.  :-).



One response to “We’ve moved

  1. I understand the not liking moving part. We moved from D/FW to Orlando and then from Orlando to Kansas in the span of 15 months. It’s hard, exhausting, and expensive.

    I’d rather be back in Orlando.

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