thoughts on Luke 12:35-48

The other day a friend was asking about understanding Luke 12:35-48.  I tried looking the parable up in Snodgrass’s book on parables, but perhaps its not a parable so that’s why I could not find it? lol  anyways, here is how I am understanding that passage at the moment:

personally I am thinking the parable is more about being diligent about our spiritual lives and maintaining our integrity in the face of things not always turning out as expected – such as the manager not returning on time. When there is delay in what we know God has told us he will do, are we able to be watchful and diligent to stay with him in the process or do we give up and move on to other things?

its when we lose our focus on his calling in our lives do we start taking it out on others and giving up on God or do we keep pressing in to him and being watchful?  BUT…. depending on your personal theology one can see that in negative terms “God’s gonna punish me if i mess up” or one can be accepting of God’s grace and realize he is for us and not against us….

How might you understand it?


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