An Inconsistent Pentecostal View of the Bible

This is a really really good blog post on some problems within certain sectors of the Charismatic movement. While the two men mentioned in this post are identified with the Word of Faith movement, this kind of thinking is not uncommon in wider Charismatic and or Pentecostal circles. I’ve seen some of it in the Assemblies of God even though WOF Theology is not something the AG endorses. Again. This is a good post!

Hye Sung Francis

From Kenneth Copeland Ministries' facebook page From Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Facebook page

I saw the graphic above pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook and was beyond disturbed. There is a lot that can be critiqued about these men’s theology (both Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis), but having the presence and person of God equated with the Bible was not something I’d expect from fellow Charismatics. Usually these sorts of statements, though not usually as bibliolatrous, are made to battle the over-experientialism of Charismatics and Pentecostals perceived by cessationists and non-charismatic Evangelicals. In a conversation with Rachel Held Evans, Jonathan Martin remarked, and I believe accurately, that “Pentecostals are not fundamentalists that speak in tongues,” and he went on to explain that the distinct Pentecostal worldview that creates an urgent people empowered by the Spirit to bring action and make known the Kingdom of God on earth. That being said, this quote from Jesse…

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