The Eclectic Text of the New Testament – a conspiracy against the Word?

Some good stuff here from Gary Shogren on ‘The Eclectic Text of the New Testament. HT: Dave Black

“The critical text does not lead to spiritual apostasy, as it is the Word of God, and in a slightly more accurate text than that of the Textus receptus. Sure, there are fans of the critical text who lose their faith; there are also plenty of Textus receptus or KJV-only people who go astray. I don’t know about you readers, but I can report that my confidence in the New Testament is stronger than ever, as is my awareness that I must obey it …”

Open Our Eyes, Lord!

God’s beloved Word – you bet I study it daily. Yes, as a Bible teacher, since my ministry is teaching the New Testament in Spanish and English, and also from the Greek. But more fundamentally I read the Bible simply as a Christian, because it is through the reading, meditation, and obedience of God’s Word that we grow as believers. [1]

Therefore it concerns me when I read about a supposed conspiracy, made up of people who secretly despise God’s Word and are paving the way for antichrist, out to destroy the Bible and leave us in the dark. These charges are leveled against the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek New Testament, the very “critical” edition I and my students read and interpret. [2]

That’s why I am impelled to read up on the so-called Alexandrian Conspiracy to ruin the Bible. If it is a real and present danger, I…

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  1. I should add that I wrote the entry principally with the Latin American church in mind; I teach in Costa Rica. It’s in Spanish in my other blog, Down here there is a fierce TR-only and in some cases the doctrine of the Divine Preservation in one Spanish translation or another.

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