on the Book of Revelation

a friend of mine from Seminary posted the following on his Facebook wall!  I loved it and wanted to pass it along.  Hope you get a good chuckle from it too:

I’ve decided to add another element when I teach my Bible classes. “5 Ways You Know You’ve Been Taught The Book Of ________ Wrong”

For example: 5 Ways You’ve Been Taught Revelation Wrong

1: You have more nightmares and worries about the end times than you did BEFORE taking the class.

2: You are more enthralled about who the anti-Christ is rather than who Jesus is.

3: You look at the condition of the USA and think Jesus has to be coming soon.

4: You still think someone might be right this time when they set a date for Christ’s return.

5: You still call it the book of Revelations.

These are 5 I just pulled of the top of my head (I’m not currently teaching Revelation.) I think it would add a nice element to end a class.

Well, hope y’all have a good day!


2 responses to “on the Book of Revelation

  1. So. Stinking. True. Had the ironic realization today that I feel tremendous guilt each year on Easter. I dress nicely, go to church, and feel guilty. Said to myself, “Maybe you should rethink some things, then. Easter should be the antithesis of guilt.”

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