Furthering the Dialogue on Creation: Some Thoughts on Doug Wilson’s Piece

There’s some good stuff here if you have interest in the ongoing discussion on the creation narrative in Genesis 1.

I’ve been thinking a lot about creation/science issues lately, and I have great respect for Doug Wilson, so I read his recent piece on the interpretation of Genesis 1 with great interest. I wasn’t planning on writing anything more in this area, but you know how it goes when you start thinking about something, and then you start jotting down your thoughts, and then before you realize it you’re ready to hit “publish.” This is not a thorough response, just a couple of particular thoughts generated by Wilson’s piece, and here or there they may be more informed by the larger discussion than Wilson directly. These are in the spirit of “friendly reminders” or “friendly appeals” to my young-earth creationist friends, in the interests of keeping up good, sharpening dialogue about these important issues, particularly in a few areas where I think young-earth creationism is itself not so clearly removed…

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