an update

This week I’ve started my third Unit of CPE – our focus?  The On Purpose Chaplain: Intentional Professionalism.  We’ll be reading through Kevin McCarthy’s The On-Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense and using that to guide us through parts of the Unit.  Yes, it’s more of a business book, but we’ll be using it to give direction as we learn about being intentional in our personal and ministerial formation as Chaplains.  That’s the most I know about it at the moment.

OnPurposePersonSo.. this means I am halfway through my residency and while I’ve learned much about myself in the process (and especially how I need to see and refer to myself in positive terms and not negatively) and hopefully have grown in ministry (I have long ways to go still) (CPE focuses on Pastoral Identity, Authority, and Formation as it relates to Pastoral Functioning), my understanding is we’ll be upping the ante and engaging in some even more courageous conversation particularly in areas of personal growth and change.  What are some of our weaknesses?  Are we willing to acknowledge those and will we be willing to make necessary changes to help ourselves grow?  Increasing in self awareness has to be an intentional act.  We have to be willing to “go there.”  While many people tend to avoid growing in self awareness (“it’s all psycho babble!”), it often keeps people in lower levels of functioning in their lives.  Growth and maturity in our personal lives comes when we allow ourselves to be open and known to others, and even to ourselves (no, many do not know themselves too well; many tend to live in a mythological world (or they put up a front or a facade) – they only present that part of themselves they have made up or want people to think is the real them when it’s not.  Part of the CPE process is learning to venture into places of our own self awareness that needs exploring so we can see those things in us and about ourselves that can prevent true ministry from taking place.

Well, like I said, I’ll be learning more.  I’ll try to share more too.


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