moving … again…

I am writing to share that – if you saw it about a week ago (if you are an FB friend) – Debbie posted that it’s true, we have started the packing process in preparations to move yet again. August 14th 2015 will be my last day of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education of which I was in the year long Chaplain Resident program) and will be released from Vidant on the 26th of August (per contract). I have been applying for Chaplain positions all over the country and have had a couple of interviews but nothing has been offered as of yet. Many know we have moved a lot (this is our 10th or 11th move – most have been involuntary). We came to North Carolina because we believed the Lord had called us to, so we followed. That didn’t work out like we had thought it would. It is not our desire to continue moving from place to place to place. I am grateful for my time in CPE and hope it can help us find a place we can be and live and pursue God’s calling on our lives (as I hope we all do in one form or another). I am asking for prayer support as we continue to seek the Lord for his direction and wait for the next open door as we pursue his calling.

Thanks in advance and blessings.


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