Serving Saul: 6 Survival Tips When Serving a Wounded Leader

This is very good. We’ve been down this road too many times…. you think we’d be experts at it by now.  But it still gives me plenty to think about. I think we haven’t reached number 6 yet because I’ve struggled to get past number 2. I struggle not to be angry or to let depression take hold, or even discouragement. I’ve also struggled to honor authority in that we’ve had to sit under so much bad leadership and or teaching.  My heart hasn’t always responded well to this.  Well, I know I tend to way over think stuff and also because of my perfectionistic nature I tend to be way too hard on myself.  What we’ve been through wasn’t our fault and neither was that the case for David.  The fact is many leaders are wounded and do not know how to lead out of their woundedness (or lead with a limp) (e.g., the wounded healer, etc).  Instead they lead in a reactionary way that is much like how Saul turned out.  Well, it’s a good read and I hope it blesses someone to read it too.  -Blessings,

Vertical Leader

sauldavid“So from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.” 1 Samuel 18:9

No it’s not right, but it’s a reality. You have dedicated your life & sacrificed everything: family, fortune, time, sleep, rest, comfort & more to do one of the toughest, most demanding jobs on the planet – ministry. But each life changed by Jesus makes it all worth it! Yet suddenly things have become tougher, much tougher. Your leader is wounded, & out of his hurt, he is now hurting you. You feel dis-honored, un-appreciated & ill-equipped. The one person who should be exemplifying the Fruit of the Spirit such as love & kindness, is instead manipulating & controlling you out of his own fear & insecurity. In this atmosphere of mistrust, mole hills turn into mountains & differing views are interpreted as disloyalty.

He who should have your back now has you in his…

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