The book of Revelation and Globalism?

from David DeSilva’s book Unholy Allegiances:

[The book of] Revelation moves us to think beyond our national borders and consider the global community, redrawing our mental maps of “us” vs “them” in light of the larger map of God’s reign extending from the center of the cosmos in God’s throne room out through and over “every kinship group and language group and people and race ” (Rev 5:7).  Revelation opens up our minds to the possibility of thinking beyond terms of national borders – boundaries that the dominant ideologies of this world had engraved deeply into our hearts.  In so doing, it opens us up to a global perspective on the church and to the perspectives of our sisters and brothers across the globe upon our own witness within our own nation.  Once again, we often depend upon the perspectives of people from outside our native systems even to have the opportunity to reflect critically upon those systems and their impact on people inside and outside of the same (101).

Seems like this is a huge critique of the current anti-immigration mentality of many an American today….


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