5 year WP blogging anniversary!

sorry to be posting this so late in the day but this was on my dashboard!


Happy Anniversary!
You registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Wow!  It’s hard to believe I have been “blogging” with wordpress the last five years.  My journey in blogging started with the Xanga blog format (I think in 2005 maybe?) then I went to blogger, and, well 5 years ago I switched over to WordPress, I think because of interacting with Nick.

I have to admit I know I have grown a lot through blogging.  It has developed in me a skill for writing I didn’t know I had and it has helped me develop it better.  But I have learned to interact with other bloggers and so have made good friends, even have met a few of you all.  It’s been good fellowship and i have a strong sense of camaraderie with not a few of my fellow bloggers.  We’re a good bunch we are!  🙂  And I really appreciate that you all have stuck with me through my many trials and difficult times I and my family have been through.  It’s been a long hard road and honestly, it’s been this blog and blogging in general that has kept me.  Well, sure the Lord has been our strength but often we experience that strength from the Lord in and through community and koinonia with one another.  So, Thank you all for your readership and prayers and support!  You are deeply appreciated!


New (to me) Blog

I just made a new friend in the blogging world.  You know, it really is truly a global world we live in anymore.  John is from India, and is quite well learned.  You can read about him on his about page, but he has a good blog – you should follow him. 🙂



He moved!!

Hello all! We have new WordPress convert!! Rick is a good guy, a good small church pastor and strong biblical exegete! Add him to your blogroll and or RSS feeds! Good job Rick!

W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms

No, I haven’t moved away from Karlstad, MN, but I have moved my blog from wadholm.blogspot.com to rickwadholmjr.wordpress.com (apparently the plain old “wadholm” link was already reserved for someone else) .  WordPress offers a far more user-friendly interface for both bloggers and commenters.  As I already blog at two other wordpress blogs, I figured this was the logical move (thanks Brian Fulthorp for the push to just make the move 🙂 ).  So don’t forget to change your RSS and email feeds to my new location…or not (if you are done following my blogging adventures and you want your chance for a clean break).

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why you should be blogging

especially if you are a pastor, bible teacher, bible/theology student or just whoever –

  • because it is a good way to put down things you’ve been thinking about with regard to the Bible or the world around us
  • its a good way to store things you’ve been working on such as ideas, ways of seeing a scripture passage or in understanding a theological concept – or in interacting with various theologians and scholars
  • its a good way to share your ideas so others can interact with them and help you in your thinking and you in theirs (as iron sharpens iron….)
  • its a good place to keep stuff you’ve been working on so when later you need to recall it, you can look it up – I wished I had a better sense of blogging when I was in seminary I had things I was thinking about and now can’t recall them or remember how I worded it and things – a blog would’ve been a great way to keep track of all that.
  • the reasons can go on and on and on.

As a case in point, I think Brian LePort over at the Near Emmaus blog has been putting out some really good posts lately and I think he’ll be glad for it.  When he gets into his PhD program somewhere in the UK – or is in a future conversation with someone about the things he’s blogged about he can pull it up to remember what he said at the time that was really good.

If you don’t have a blog yet, why not start one!

blogging and preaching

I just wanted to post and let my readers and fellow bloggers (the very few who read my blog) know that I enjoy the conversations and more often than not some element of what we all (or you all) talk about end up in my sermons or teachings in one fashion or another (or at least how I understand what is being discussed) – sometimes directly or sometimes indirectly – there isn’t necessarily any one topic per se, it all just depends – some have helped me better understand the dynamics of God’s grace, that if often means favor, that God actually likes us and isn’t just tolerating us, etc).  Others have helped me better understand the message and purpose of Paul’s letter to the Philippians and even some conversations on the Revelation and even the Genesis narrative.   Even the conversations on the trinity help or get thrown in in one facet or another.  And believe it or not there was even a time I had our congregation read the Apostles Creed to begin the service!  lol!  (I want to do that more often).

So just know I may be a Pentecostal pastor but I do listen and try to learn from you all and either apply it to my own life or share it with our congregation (or those guest to the park who care to show up and join in).

Thanks for being there and speaking into my life and into the life of our congregation.