Merry Christmas

I hope and pray you all have a blessed Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!  Here is an email I sent out to friends when I was still in seminary (2003-2007) I come across looking for something in my email that I wanted to share with you.


When I think if Christmas…

I think of being with my wife!

I think of being with family!

I think of being with friends!

I think of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ!

There is a phrase out there in theology and missiology
called “incarnational ministry. What does it mean to
be incarnational?

Incarnation is a theological term that attempts to
explain the mystery of the merging of the divine and
the human in the real person of Jesus Christ.  He was
fully God and fully human.  John 1:14 says it best,
“And the word became flesh and lived among us.”  That
Jesus became human and lived among us is a reference
to the tabernacle in the wilderness that symbolized
the presence of God among his people.  Moses and the
prophets prophecied that one day God would come and
live among men much as YaHWeH had done in the
wilderness.  Just as the shekinah glory of the Lord
came down and rested upon the tabernacle in the
wilderness and so God was present with his people, so
Jesus the Messiah came down from heaven, became human,
and “tabernacled” among us so he could be present with
us.  He was, and now is more so as he lives in us and
through us through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The point is that Jesus came to be present with us, to
teach us how to live and how to love.  He made himself
like us so that we could be like him.  He came
ultimately to give his live as a ransom for many that
we could be reconciled with God our Father in heaven
and be in a righteous relationship with him.

Incarnational ministry then is being present with
people, it is stepping out of our comfort zones and
reaching out to people and being present with them, so
that in turn they can experience the presence of the
Lord Jesus and come to know God our Father who is in

So, during this Christmas season as you take time to
celebrate the miraculous birth of Christ, take time to
be incarnate with people; be present with them.  Make
them feel important and valuable so they too may
experience the presence and love of the Lord in you
and through you!