Quote of the Day: Thomas C. Oden

Thomas C. Oden‘s book Classic Christianity (which is a re-working of his 3vol Systematic Theology) is on a $3 sale for the Kindle edition and I was browsing it – this is a really great portion in my estimation:

OdenThe purpose of God in redemption is not merely to prolong creation quantitatively, but to redeem and perfect it qualitatively. This consummation has begun irreversibly in Jesus Christ. The consummation does not come by human action, political strategy, revolutionary planning, or evolution, but by God’s own completing activity. This does not mean that God’s kingdom lacks political consequences, or that there is therefore no need for peacemakers or the struggle for justice in history. Rather, it means that however imperfect is our own struggle for peace and justice, it will be perfected by God’s own peace and justice finally beyond history.

-Thomas C. Oden, Classic Christianity