Len Sweet on the Holy Spirit

Leonard Sweet has a great quote about the work of the Spirit in our lives that he shared on his Facebook page:

The Holy Spirit is not a Toblerone chocolate or Snickers Bar that helps us make it through difficult days. The Holy Spirit is a Tornado invasion that rearranges our life and priorities.  Leonard Sweet

Let that sink in for awhile….


You Asked and Asked, Now It’s Coming: A Septuagint Reader

Words on the Word

LXX decalOn the one hand, the burgeoning field of Septuagint studies still has few enough publications that any new work is potentially significant. On the other hand, there still seems to be an acute need for works that bridge the gap between New Testament Greek readers and LXX specialists.

Resources like †Rod Decker’s Koine Greek Reader (which pays decent attention to the Septuagint) or even the old Conybeare and Stock (which has some LXX portions with explanatory footnotes) are few and far between.

I’ve been asking Kregel for probably three years now whether they’d consider publishing a dedicated Septuagint reader. Little did I know one was already in the works.

It releases this fall. Karen Jobes is its author. Here’s some copy from Kregel that describes the book:

Interest in the Septuagint today is strong and continues to grow. But a guidebook to the text, similar to readers and handbooks that exist for students of…

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