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  1. Hi John, Yes, AGTS was awesome! It is a9and should be considered a top tier Pentecostal Seminary! I took one preaching class class with Dr. Oss and if I could have, would have taken more – and if I could have, would have liked to have gone through the Expository Preaching program (most of the preaching classes are taught by him.

    I notice you went to the Kings College – how was it? I was in Foursquare for a long time under Steve Schell up at Northwest Foursquare in Federal Way WA. I would have loved to see more Foursquare guys at AGTS.

  2. I’m studying 1 John and have enjoyed your notes. I attended Evangel College in Springfield and worked at AG headquarters for awhile.

    The closest I came to receiving seminary teaching is having Dr. Stanley Horton come to Alaska to teach various classes. I had two classes with him at the former Far North Bible College.

    Hope all is well in the Grand Canyon.

  3. Hey Brian, I go to a Foursquare Church, I also listen to John Piper, David Platt, Francis Chan, and some other Reformed Pastors. I am also digging deeper into the book Foundation of Pentecostal Theology by Guy P. Duffield · Van Cleave, Nathaniel M., Th.D. to get a better understanding of what our denomination as a whole believes. I just read your blog post on can a Pentecostal be Reformed and I was wondering do you still hold those beliefs and do you consider your self a Pentecostal Calvinist? Since you attended an Assemblies of God school and are a Pastor for that denomination, would you consider it a weird subject for many in your circle of Pastors? As I listen to many of the reformed Pastors and read the TULIP I don’t find unbiblical teaching in it and as I grow more in understanding as to what The Foundation of Pentecostal Theology will say, I am most curious about what differences do we have and what should I believe? Thank you for your time and consideration of this comment

    • Hi Chris, I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. That’s awesome you are in the Forsquare! I was part of a Foursquare church in Federal Way WA for a lot of years and i loved it.

      To answer your question, I’ve never explicitly held to calvinist beliefs and I still don’t. My most was simply trying to ask about such a thing as Reformed Charismatics and or Pentecostals. I know they are out there and I suppose to a degree its fine but i think they would have to be somewhat mild in their reformed theology as historically there hasn’t ben room for the charismata in Reformed theology or a place for women in the pulpit.

      I know not a few onoly reformed AG pastors and more “coset” calvinist who pastor AG churches – I do think this a bit odd but that is my personal opinion.

      I think the doctrine of particular redemption or limited atonement is not biblical. 🙂


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