My wife Debbie and I are both graduates of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (MDiv, May ’07) and are not in church ministry.  I am working as a Hospice Chaplain and Debbie is teaching ESL online as well as as an adjunct for SUM Bible College and Seminary and Northpoint Bible College.

We have one daughter Mercy (10) and one son Samuel (7) and Benjamin was born on St Patricks Day 2017.

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  1. Hi John, Yes, AGTS was awesome! It is a9and should be considered a top tier Pentecostal Seminary! I took one preaching class class with Dr. Oss and if I could have, would have taken more – and if I could have, would have liked to have gone through the Expository Preaching program (most of the preaching classes are taught by him.

    I notice you went to the Kings College – how was it? I was in Foursquare for a long time under Steve Schell up at Northwest Foursquare in Federal Way WA. I would have loved to see more Foursquare guys at AGTS.

  2. I’m studying 1 John and have enjoyed your notes. I attended Evangel College in Springfield and worked at AG headquarters for awhile.

    The closest I came to receiving seminary teaching is having Dr. Stanley Horton come to Alaska to teach various classes. I had two classes with him at the former Far North Bible College.

    Hope all is well in the Grand Canyon.

  3. Hey Brian, I go to a Foursquare Church, I also listen to John Piper, David Platt, Francis Chan, and some other Reformed Pastors. I am also digging deeper into the book Foundation of Pentecostal Theology by Guy P. Duffield · Van Cleave, Nathaniel M., Th.D. to get a better understanding of what our denomination as a whole believes. I just read your blog post on can a Pentecostal be Reformed and I was wondering do you still hold those beliefs and do you consider your self a Pentecostal Calvinist? Since you attended an Assemblies of God school and are a Pastor for that denomination, would you consider it a weird subject for many in your circle of Pastors? As I listen to many of the reformed Pastors and read the TULIP I don’t find unbiblical teaching in it and as I grow more in understanding as to what The Foundation of Pentecostal Theology will say, I am most curious about what differences do we have and what should I believe? Thank you for your time and consideration of this comment

    • Hi Chris, I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you. That’s awesome you are in the Forsquare! I was part of a Foursquare church in Federal Way WA for a lot of years and i loved it.

      To answer your question, I’ve never explicitly held to calvinist beliefs and I still don’t. My most was simply trying to ask about such a thing as Reformed Charismatics and or Pentecostals. I know they are out there and I suppose to a degree its fine but i think they would have to be somewhat mild in their reformed theology as historically there hasn’t ben room for the charismata in Reformed theology or a place for women in the pulpit.

      I know not a few onoly reformed AG pastors and more “coset” calvinist who pastor AG churches – I do think this a bit odd but that is my personal opinion.

      I think the doctrine of particular redemption or limited atonement is not biblical. 🙂


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