The book of Revelation and Globalism?

from David DeSilva’s book Unholy Allegiances:

[The book of] Revelation moves us to think beyond our national borders and consider the global community, redrawing our mental maps of “us” vs “them” in light of the larger map of God’s reign extending from the center of the cosmos in God’s throne room out through and over “every kinship group and language group and people and race ” (Rev 5:7).  Revelation opens up our minds to the possibility of thinking beyond terms of national borders – boundaries that the dominant ideologies of this world had engraved deeply into our hearts.  In so doing, it opens us up to a global perspective on the church and to the perspectives of our sisters and brothers across the globe upon our own witness within our own nation.  Once again, we often depend upon the perspectives of people from outside our native systems even to have the opportunity to reflect critically upon those systems and their impact on people inside and outside of the same (101).

Seems like this is a huge critique of the current anti-immigration mentality of many an American today….

the latest with me

It has been really long time since I have done any serious blogging and I think there are a few reasons for that. Probably the main reason is much conversation and interaction much like what happened with blogging in the past has all but completely moved to Facebook. I can make a short post there about something and then have significant interactions in the comments section. This has made it challenging for me to keep up with blogging when any engergy I might have for writing out a post is taken up by Facebook. I know not all agree with that but it’s the reality of it all. Another reason is that I think I just got burned out and was dealing with a lot of emotional challenges to the difficulties my family and I had been facing, and not just emotionally but also financially and relationally. Between the time we left the Grand Canyon National Park around Easter of 2011 we have moved 10-11 times and once in a huge cross country move only to leave that situation in just less than a school year. That much transition is a lot for anyone to deal with (with the amount of stress we had to deal with, it really is a miracle I or Debbie never got hospitalized). I realize that many can write their way through these kinds of things and that serves to help them process it all, however, for me I just withdrew – I switched from blogging to facebooking…. Instead of hours blogging I was spending hours facebooking, and to my detriment I am afraid. One the one hand, a few friends I was able to chat with through the messenger setting helped me get through a lot of stuff, on the other hand it is hard to pull away and unplug. It’s the curse of the blessing I suppose. It’s part of the change that has happened too in the world of social media. I know a few folks who used to do a lot of blogging have closed down their blogs and left it altogether. Others left it up but have moved on to other things (like facebooking).

My Friend Scott is writing a book about stories of change. You can learn more here (and maybe even contribute). I and hoping to talk aout a change in this post (or some changes).

We’ve been through a lot of changes in our life in the last 5 years. We moved from Arizona to eastern North Carolina. Debbie has completed her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from AGTS.  I have finally completed my Chaplain Residency (also known as Clinical Pastoral Education). But one huge change in all this is that on Monday, March 14th I start my first full time job with a good salary and benefits in over 10 years. Yes, you read that right. It has been over a decade that I have been either underemployed or altogether unemployed. In August of 2003 I quit a good full time job I had working with at-risk youth and youth with disabilites in Washington State to go to seminary in southwest Missouri (AGTS). From that time, until this Monday I did not have a full time job and really, had much trouble getting one. Yes, we pastored the church at the Canyon but it was bi-vocational (that usually means no salary) and worked part time jobs in the Park). It became more than we could handle and a bit more of a mess than we had ever intended. This was also during the economic recession that our country, in some ways, still hasn’t really pulled out of. We applied for new minsitry positions and even “secular” jobs but all to no avail. Until we were offered the chance to move to eatern North Carolina. That too was a big change. It sure has been a big adjustment to not only living on the East Coast but also the South, and then, there is eastern North Carolina. It has been a lot to handle. Thankfully, I had my CPE expreince to help us work through some of it and also to overcome it. Just as CPE is a process, so is life. I am still very much in process yet also making a change in vocational emphasis.  I had long wanted to be a Bible teacher of some sort (really to teach Bible overseas), who knows, this may still work out. For now, I am pursuing Chaplaincy. So far this has been a good option for me and u think a fruitful vocation that fits well with my personality and faith life. It represents yet another change too in that it has brought depth and breadth to my understanding of theology and the Bible and a change to how I think about these things. Whereas I did much reading related to biblical studies much reading now also involves some psycholgy and counseling materials that contribute to Chaplaincy work. I feel like I am in a paradigm shift right now and am not really able to explain  how or why. but as I learned in CPE, its all a process and one needs to be okay with that. Process often involves change and to benefit the most from change one must accept it, even embrace it.

Get Ordained, Pastor!

W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms

OrdainedThis may seem a bit radical for my fellowship (Assemblies of God), but I would like to go on the record as saying that  ordination ought to be the aim of every pastor and not because of education, credentials, or prestige, but because it offers a testimony of faithfulness (at some level). To be ordained (in my tradition) requires one to be in ministry for a minimum of 2 years and a few extra courses (if one didn’t go through one of our official schools). This is quite minimal. I was ordained at 25 and would have been ordained at 24 except I was short of the two years by a couple of weeks (don’t get me started on that one).

I have a friend who has changed fellowships after much praying and seeking and is in a LONG process of seeking ordination in her new fellowship (Anglican). I’ve spoken…

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How NOT to Interpret Daniel

too easy to buy into the “Daniel fast” fads. don’t do it….

W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms

John the BaptistOn Sunday I held services at the nursing homes in Ellendale and spoke on Daniel chapter 6 giving the summary of the book of Daniel which is among my favorite books of the Old Testament and I hope at some point to write a commentary on it, but that needs to wait a good decade. Daniel is just one of those books that holds my fascination.

All that aside, I received a notification from Faithgateway that there was a free offer for The Daniel Jumpstart Guide. I was horrified (once again). Here was yet another false interpretation and application of this sadly manipulated and abused book. It is a prequel diet plan to lose weight and get healthy…based on (a distortion of) the text of Daniel. This plan includes more than other plans (says the video ad). It includes what no other plan includes which will make…

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Really, what is linguistics good for?

This is very good.

Old School Script

Several months ago — when I had more time (before baby #2 arrived😉 — I watched Particle Fever on Netflix. Whoa! An amazing documentary about the international effort, spanning decades, between scientists from different fields to build a massive particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC for short. The original goal was to crash two particles together, traveling close to the speed of light (186, 282 miles per second), with the hopes of discovering the Higgs boson—the central missing link in the Standard Model of particle physics (which “explains how the basic building blocks of matter interact, governed by four fundamental forces”).

The particles are so tiny that the task of making them collide is akin to firing two needles 10 kilometres apart with such precision that they meet halfway.

Lost yet?

Let me explain how all this relates to the BIG question of this blog post:

What is…

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One Christian Slaughtered Every Five Minutes

Apprentice 2 Jesus

Throughout the Middle East, this still is the under-reported story. Forget the “Merry Christmas” junk here. It’s nothing.

Let us raise our voices not for us (for once in our lives) but for others. 

THIS is the story.

Here are some cold facts:

The White House said it was preparing to accuse the Islamic State of genocide against religious minorities, recognizing various groups, such as the Yazidis, as victims. However, Christians are apparently not going to be included.

In September of this year, one Christian died every 5 minutes at the hands of Muslims in the Middle East. Not just “ISIS.”

There is a Christian genocide going on and it is not being recognized by Western leaders.

Possibly worse than not being recognized by Western leaders? American Christians ignore it. If anything, we will look to use it to cry over our OWN “poor plight” because no one says “Merry Christmas”…

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