Quote of the Day: Pastor as Theologian

Mark is taking about the role of the Pastor as a “Theologian in Residence” and I liked what he wrote about that today:

A helpful metaphor in understanding my own vocation as a minister is, “Theologian in residence”. It is important that this metaphor not be used as permission to lock myself away in the Minister’s study and pour over scripture and the church fathers seeking to develop my own theological agenda. Rather it is permission to escape ministry as a business or management. It helps me to see my role as more than the day to day needs of the church. It is a vocation explored within the context of the community for the community. The distractions that I mentioned are the very outworking of Christ’s ministry in our midst. The phone call, the visits, the paperwork and even the sermon preparation are the necessary tension to theological reflection. As Eugene Peterson might say, ,“this is where we see Christ at play” and where we reflect on the nature and work of God revealed to us! It is in ministry that we find a playground for the unpacking of our theology.

I love the notion of being able to escape ministry as a business or management.  The vocation of Pastor isn’t about managing people or trying to tell them what to do and so on – it is about ministering the presence of God in people’s lives an pointing them to Christ our hope and life.  Good post!

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