on biblical archeology

I agree with Joe Zias who wrote the following on the biblical studies e-list:

They are at it again -Hong Kong vs Liberty Univ. No, it’s not football, it’s out and out more BIBLICAL Archaeological fraud, folks from that VA University who stated that ‘one cannot be a Christian and vote Democratic’ versus the folks in Asia with the biblical theme park.  All looking for the Ark, on other people’s money, fraud everywhere, including the basic fact that despite their claims not a university trained (minimum requirement a BA in archaeology) on site.  The WAR folks in Tenn.  mentioned in the article are still at it with a new ark guy on the street wrestles for the WWF and Cornuke, well he went south to greener pastures, hustling some stuff in Africa as the room there on the mountain was getting crowded.

The IAA eventually finally wised up and pulled their permit (Liberty Univ) at Qumran where they were digging, ( to our dismay) believing that one of those applying for the dig permit had a degree in archaeology. Seems he was just another biblical scholar posing as a archaeologist, something rampant in today’s world of biblical archaeology. It’s about time Evangelical and Pentacostal folks hustling biblical archaeology cleaned up their act, will it happen, as long as they run these get rich schemes on other people’s money, I’m not betting the farm on it.  Biggest winners here are the Turks who know that they too can make a fast buck here, been doing if for decades, beginning back in the 60’s. Somewhat hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s all on other folks money, many whom can least afford it in these hard times in the US.
SEE http://www.wnd. com/index. php?fa=PAGE. view&pageId= 235033

Joe Zias http://www.joezias. com
Anthropology/ Paleopathology

Science and Antiquity Group – Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel


I agree completely – Pentecostals and Evangelicals – please quit being fakes.  If you are not an archeologist, please don’t try to go get some dig permit and ruin a site with your own incompetence, please?  That’ll do all the rest of us a huge favor! 🙂

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