God doesn’t change his mind!

well, not very often anyways.

We have been down in Phoenix (Surprise area) for our District council (more or less the yearly business meeting for all the pastors and ministers in the AZ  District of the Assemblies of God).   It’s a good time for pastors and ministers from all over the state to visit and catch up, etc .

So Debbie was talking with a ministry friend who she and her husband had been overseas for a lot of years but due to things out of their control they are switching fields and will be doing ministry in the states.   in the process they a have had to rebuild their support base.  some have opted to continue supporting them no matter what and others have chosen to drop their support because they are no longer overseas and so on.

Debbie’s friend told her that regarding the switch from overseas to stateside one pastor told them:

God doesn’t change his mind.

and dropped their support.  This is not only full of theological naiveté, it is spiritual abuse.

Fortunately Debbie’s friend knew better and so is not harmed by this, but can you imagine?   God changing or not changing his mind has nothing to do with the fact that he alone directs our paths… The end goal is always the same but that doesn’t mean getting there is accomplished on only one path.

Fortunately, our friend knew better but still, what do you say to such a comment??!!

5 responses to “God doesn’t change his mind!

  1. I guess I would ask if God had then changed His mind about their need to support my following of God’s calling? Apparently at one point they felt God had directed them to do so…what’s the deal now? Did God suddenly change His mind? 🙂

  2. Tell people who say God does not change “HIS” mind to read the stories of Moses, in Exodus, when God relents from massacring the Hebrews immediately, and decides to slowly off them through the 40 years, oh and that little story about Saul losing his kingship.

  3. Like I said, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your PATHS….paths is shown in all translations. So that means that our paths aren’t always in one straight direction but that God has placed many trails for us to take. Just saying…not all of us stay in one position for decades…I believe that pastor would be someone who has never really allowed God to truly challenge him.

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