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  1. I tend not to comment on posts that require me to actually think. 😉

    Seriously, the Genesis sermon is going to take a little while to digest, and I couldn’t really be less interested in Senator Kennedy (aside from hoping that he gets saved and healed). And I don’t have time to read the things you linked to in the Pentecostal-Calvinist post to be able to offer a comment at the moment.

    So here’s a comment… And I actually had to think a little bit about it… Darn you! 😛

  2. was the genesis sermon too much (it was only 15 minutes long)? I just feel for the Kennedy family (or any family for that matter) who has member with brain cancer – I know what that’s like. I wouldn’t wish that on any one. Well, we all know your a closet calvinist!

  3. It wasn’t the length of the sermon, it’s just something I’d like to reflect on. And I hear you about the brain cancer thing, I too had an uncle (by marriage) who died of brain cancer, and another uncle (by marriage) who presently has a brain tumor (benign, priase God!). If I’m a Calvinist, then Calvinists are alright with me! 😛

    BTW, the Monergism book store has a lot of good stuff in it. Even some stuff written by non-Calvinists!

  4. I commented on your ISV post three days ago. I’m actually thinking about ordering the NT of it, except it’s $30 for a freaking hardcover NT !!! We shall see.

  5. Nate: $40??! Gosh, that’s a bit high for a NT hardcover.

    Nick: I know a little about the monergism store, I just try to veer away from the hardcore calvinist stuff – and I know you do to.

    is posting a sermon okay or too much?

  6. I generally don’t read anything much longer than a few paragraphs. If I do, it’s because someone else read it, and then posted about it, or had an interesting comment that urges me to spend the time to read the whole thing. For an example, I keep my blog posts pretty short and don’t read much of anything longer than what I do myself. Don’t let me stop you though, if that is your sort of thing. 8)

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