An Appeal to the Assemblies of God Church: Will You Hire More Female Pastors?

I stand in agreement with Jory Micah.

Jory Micah


Me with President of SAGU, Kermit Bridges and his beautiful wife on a university trip to Italy in 2006.

When I was just 13 years old I found myself on my knees, face down, crying both tears of repentance and joy. A year prior to this I was struggling to find myself as a 12 year old girl. I wanted to be popular and that was all I wanted. I was consumed with how to be cool, what to wear, how to make the right kids like me and my parent’s Christian faith was cramping my style. I didn’t mind Jesus, but I thought of Him sort of like a relative who my parents seemed to really love, but I never met him for myself, so I didn’t care either way. That all changed the summer after I turned 13.

My mom and dad had been dragging my sister and…

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